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This fine printmaking paper is a staple for any artist’s paper collection. Made in Thailand from a mix of kozo (mulberry) and bamboo fiber, the sheets are thin yet very strong, making them ideal for lino block printing, woodblock printing, and silkscreen.

Black Ink Block Printing Papers are also great for use with sumi painting, light watermedia, bookbinding, and digital photographic reproduction processes.

The paper is smooth on one side, lightly textured on the other. The sheets are neutral pH and measure 9 in. x 12 in.

Bleached Mulberry pack contains 25 sheets of bleached white paper.

Unbleached Mulberry pack contains 25 sheets of unbleached white paper.

Assorted Colors pack contains 24 sheets of paper, with six sheets of black and three sheets each of the following colors: tea, pear, sky, red, purple, and mustard.

Earth Tone Assorted Colors pack contains 45 sheets of paper, with five sheets each of the following colors: orange, true blue, persimmon, eggplant, moss, evergreen, sandstone, hickory, and putty.

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