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Fluorescent Blue
Fluorescent Hot Pink
Fluorescent Lime Green
Fluorescent Magenta
Fluorescent Orange
Fluorescent Yellow
Night Glo Blue
Night Glo Green
Night Glo Original
Night Glo Yellow
Peacock Blue
Process Cyan
Process Magenta
Process Yellow
  • 32 oz.
  • 8 oz.


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Fabric Screen Inks are water-based, non-toxic, and non-flammable. Suitable for T-shirts, tablecloths, etc. For use on cotton, polyester, blends, linen, rayon, and other synthetic fibers (NOT for use on nylon). Also works great on paper and cardboard! Easy clean-up with water. Wash fast when properly heat-set. Jars have inner seal. Contains no solvents with no offensive smell. AP Non-Toxic conforms to ASTM D-4236. Can be screen printed or painted on with brush. For best results, pre-wash fabric and always pre-test before production runs. Mix with Speedball Transparent Base for transparency and Speedball Retarder Base to slow drying. Inks must be properly heat set. After ink dries, use a paper or cloth interface and iron using a household iron at medium to high setting for 3 to 5 minutes on each side. Available in Night Glo and new Fluorescent Colors in 8 oz. jars.

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Product Questions and Answers

How many shirts can I get out of this product?

- Asked by Jerrett Gray on 08-Jul-13

This will vary depending on application (printed or painted), as well as the size and detail of the designs.

- Answered by MisterArt on 09-Jul-13

What is the recommended screen-fabric mesh size for printing with Speedball Fabric Screen Printing Ink? Would you recommend 10XX or 12XX or 14XX? I print on 100% cotton tees.

- Asked by Sandy on 23-May-13

The recommended mesh size for this ink is 10xx.

- Answered by MisterArt on 24-May-13

Will Speedball acrylic screen-printing ink dry and cure with just air?

- Asked by missy on 24-Feb-13

The fabric screen printing inks must be heat set. The acrylic screen printing inks can be air dried.

- Answered by MisterArt on 25-Feb-13

I would like to know if it is possible to screen print onto waxed canvas.

- Asked by Wendy on 17-Jan-13

The Fabric Screen Printing Ink by Speedball can be used directly on canvas. However, if the surface is waxed, the ink will not adhere well as it is a water-based ink.

- Answered by MisterArt on 18-Jan-13

What is the ratio of ink to retarder and transparent base?

- Asked by Alyssa on 26-Sep-12

According to Speedball, to improve the lubricity (slipperiness) of the ink, you may add the transparent base. To slow drying or to prevent screen clogging, add the retarder base (1-2 tbs. to 8 oz. of ink).

- Answered by MisterArt on 11-Oct-12

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Customer Product Reviews

Rated by: Penelope V. in Redondo Beach, CA
I have always been happy with this ink in any color. The consistency has always been good, never had to mess with it and doesn't get clumpy. Highly recommend this for any beginner and I have started to use this ink for professional use and am very happy with the results!
Rated by: Heather T. in Baltimore, MD
Worked great with screen printing!
Rated by: Mary D. in chicago, IL
Great product, the black is great, and these containers are easy to re-open. The Peacock blue sometimes has little white dots in it, when screening. But over all, the best brand, and product.
Rated by: Pamela L. in Dover, NH
Great product! We wouldn't use anything else!
Rated by: Mary D. in chicago, IL
Great product! I use speedball all the time!
Rated by: Patti H. in Hanover, PA
Speedball is an excellent brand of inks. I have used it on cotton shirts, paper, and polyester fabrics with great results. It's not expensive and it's water-based, so it's easy to clean. I highly recommend these inks.
Rated by: Anita B. in MN, MN
The speedball fabric ink worked well on all of our screens. It was easy clean up and great results.
Rated by: Angel D. in Chicago, IL
Great product, I use it all the time, and get many compliments! Thank you!
Rated by: Angel D. in Chicago, IL
Great product, amazing price! Highly Recommended
Rated by: Terri B. in Vine Grove, KY
I attempted and suceeded at making our family some shirts for my son's football games!! Very pleased with this ink and I am getting ready to place an order for additonal colors!! Has not faded and very easy to use.
Rated by: Candice W. in St Albans, WV
Wonderful product! The inks are very easy to clean up and produce very very nice results. Highly recommended.
Rated by: Penelope V. in Redondo Beach, CA
I was very satisfied with the results and definitely easy to use, will stick to this brand and am thinking of buying their other products as well!
Rated by: Theresa H. in Walla Walla, WA
This was my first screen printing endeavor. I found the speedball ink to live up to its reputation. It was easy to use, easy to clean and came out beautifully. I will definitely buy more of this product!
Rated by: Brant S. in Mastic Beach, NY
I've started screen printing my own shirts and I am using Speed Ball ink because it was recommended to me. It is easy to use and easy to clean up. It is easy to set with the iron. It looks very nice on the shirt. If you are using a color like red or blue and placing it on a black shirt, the best thing is to print a white background first, let it dry, then apply the color over it. This will make it look nice.
Rated by: Brant S. in Mastic Beach, NY
I've started screen printing my own shirts and I am using Speed Ball ink because it was recommended to me. It is easy to use and easy to clean up. It is easy to set with the iron. It looks very nice on the shirt. If you are using a color like red or blue and placing it on a black shirt, the best thing is to print a white background first, let it dry, then apply the color over it. This will make it look nice.
Rated by: Robin H. in Henderson, NC
This is a great product for screening on shirts. The ink is a good consistancy and the colors are true. My only complaint is the setting process takes some time. The image needs to be ironed for at least 3 minutes on each side and when doing a large run of prints, this can take quite a while.
Rated by: STALE p. in Boston, MA
I've found this ink to be quite reasonable to work with. It is nice to have such a versatile ink - works well on textiles and also paper, and the cleanup is a breeze - no messy/toxic chemicals to involve onself with! I have found that the white gets a little bit thick, but for the most part the coverage of all these inks is fine.
Rated by: Ru N. in San Jose, CA
Came out sooooooooooo much cleaner, sharper, and vivid than fabric paint!
Rated by: John F. in champaign, IL
This stuff is the best. Dries at just the right speed, heat-sets beautifully, perfect consistancy.... If a have a single complaint, it's that the carboard seal thing in the cap tends to stick to the jar and make a mess. Mess is easy to clean up with this ink though. It's great.
Rated by: Samantha S. in Tulsa, OK
I got this ink for at home fun T-shirt making and it works great! Very easy to use, with nice results.
Rated by: Sarah M. in Morris, IL
I have used this Speedball product for over 6 years now-- it is what I first began with and I keep coming back to it when applicable. It's enviromentally friendly, durable, and resilient to any difficulties a large-scale silkscreening session may have. Easy to clean up and easy to cooperate; therefore I couldn't ask for more. I thank Mister Art for supplying this ink in large quantities, as a small tub is never enough. ...yeah I like it that much. ^^"
Rated by: Mark C. in Rocky Hill, CT
Speedball ink is the best around. I'm starting a small t-shirt screenprinting company and the only brand that I will use is Speedball.
Rated by: Ashliegh k. in College Park, MD
i love speedball ink and mister art got it to me in a jiffy!
Rated by: Christine Z. in La Mesa, CA
This ink is the perfect texture and consistency for silk screening. I like the choice of colors as well.
Rated by: John B. in Palmer, MA
Excellent product. I use the fabric ink on lots of projects. Speedball = neat.
Rated by: Becky H. in Los Alamos, NM
This ink is great! It is easy to use, easy to clean up, and requires no solvent.
Rated by: Sarah K. in toledo, OH
Excellent product for screenprinting. Love the varity of colors available and how they look in person.
Rated by: meghan s. in Bristol, RI
This is the best ink ever made for silkscreening. it's easy to work with and has an ideal texture.
Rated by: Danielle B. in northern, IL
I do a lot of stenciling projects on clothing and purses. The ink goes on great and stays well. It's easy to do details with no blurring or smearing. The only problem I have is that the white cracks after just a little wear. I've given stenciled gifts and people don't realize that I made it myself - it looks so professional! Colors I have bought from this site: black, white, blue, red.
Rated by: Mark S. in Logan, UT
Me and my wife bought this ink for a fun project we could do together (poor mans screen printing with an embroidery hoop, modge podge, and some curtain material). I honestly didn't have high expectations because we didn't have all of the professional equipment, but this ink was really easy to use and went on extremely well. We got this normal fabric screen printing ink as well as some glow in the dark fabric screen printing ink (I wrote a review on that stuff as well). This stuff worked great (we had to apply 2 coats of glow in the dark on my black shirt, but it only took 1 coat of the red to go on and look perfect). I would definately recommend this ink to anyone that is thinking that these would make a fun project, it's been really nice to be able to make fun shirts with my wife that we can then wear (we also started noticing how many professional shirts are out there that we can now make for much cheaper if we like the design). It's a great ink that was extremely fun and easy to use.
Rated by: Rebecca H. in Los Angeles, CA
I use this ink on clothing that I design. I apply it with a brush and stencil images onto my designs. I've also used it to make handprints on the clothing as well. It leaves the fabric a little stiff (I don't dilute it with water), but I'm satisfied with the results... as are my customers! I would recommend this ink for first time users who want to experiment with printing, stenciling, painting on fabric, block printing, etc. Very easy clean-up too!
Rated by: Summer O. in Lewisville, TX
I use this ink to make my own t-shirts (without a screenprinting kit). I am completely satisfied with the ink that I have purchased. It goes on wonderfully and gives me a great product!
Rated by: Gayle S. in Seattle, WA
Excellent product, as always (green and black colors.) Smooth spread, good coverage, blends well, easy clean-up - a consistently reliable product. Excellent for a fabric hand-screener, such as myself.
Rated by: Tina M. in New Orleans, LA
This ink (in yellow) worked well on dark blue fabric. We had tried other inks that did not do as well.
Rated by: Susan I. in Saratoga, CA
These inks are creamy and easy to use. I found that they blend very well into each other to make the hue that you want to use.
Rated by: kent h. in austin, TX
i have used this line of paints before and have always been satisfied. i use for screen printing
Rated by: greg v. in coventry, RI
This is great ink. It goes on thick and stays on the shirt. It doesn't fade in the wash, and I'm sure it won't fade 100 washes from now.
Rated by: Benjamin R. in Albany, NY
This ink is great! Once you heat set it, it's not going to wash out. NOTE: If you plan on printing on DARK COLORED shirts, do a layer of white ink, then do this one over the top - it's tricky to line it up, so make sure that you dont stretch the shirt when doing the white. Perfect everytime!
Rated by: Matt L. in Clermont, FL
This ink is fabulous. Holds up well through many washes when properly heat set. I won't use any other ink on my shirts.
Rated by: David T. in Germantown, MD
This ink worked excellent on 100% cotton t shirts.

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