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With Alumilite’s Molding Putty, you can quickly and easily make flexible silicone molds for use with resin, plaster, polymer clay, wax soap, food, wax, and more.

Knead equal amounts of Part A and Part B together by hand for one minute to activate the reaction. No equipment, cups, or stir sticks required - simply pinch off approximately equal amounts of A and B and mix by hand! Once combined, roll into a ball to remove creases. Then gently shape the putty around the chosen object to form the mold impression. Place the highest point into the mold and then roll and shape the mold around the object. Avoid pushing the object straight down into the putty as it may smear detail. Flatten the bottom of the mold on the table for stability before curing. Allow the food grade and FDA-compliant putty to cure for 15 to 20 minutes before removing the object.

This two-part kit contains 1/3 lb. (150 grams) of Part A and 1/3 lb. (150 grams) of Part B in resealable containers.

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