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The compatibility of X-acto handles with famous X-acto blades creates knives so versatile they can accommodate the widest range of cutting requirements. The No. 2 Knife features a 5 in. aluminum handle, for use with for precision cutting of medium to heavy weight materials like wood, board, paper, plastic, metal, cloth, film and acetate. No. 2 knife comes with a no. 2 blade. Knife set contains an additional assortment of 5 blades.

X-acto nos. 3002, 3202, and 5212 are for use with the following X-acto blades: #2 Large Fine point and #2 Blade Assortment, #18 Heavyweight Chiseling, #19 Angled Chiseling, #22 Large Curved Carving, #24 Deburring, #25 Large Contoured, #26 Whittling, and #28 Concave Carving

They can also be used with the following X-acto wood-carving blades: #135 Router Blade Assortment, and #234 Fine Saw.

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