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From $14.50

Original Mack Pinstriping Brush

by Andrew Mack

Hand crafted and shaped as it was many years ago

From $6.50

From $1.96

Tin Handle Bushes

by Linzer

Tough brushes for rugged projects

From $10.30

From $6.00

Series 1962 One Stroke Brush

by Andrew Mack

Perfect for larger lettering

From $9.50

Purchase Guide: Types of Brushes

The paint brush is an essential and iconic tool of any artist. Painting is a truly ancient method of creating, reproducing, and sharing artistic ideas and expressions that are even more varied and innumerable than artists themselves. It takes a truly versatile tool to explore the breadth of potential within the art of painting; through the millennia, paint brushes have proven more than equal to the task!

Paint brushes are brushes used to apply paint or ink onto a surface, such as such as paper, canvas, wood, or nearly...
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