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Linseed Oils are drying oils, used to control color, prevent over thinning with solvent and maintain the flexibility of the paint film. They can be thinned with turpentine.

Cold-Pressed Linseed Oil is used to reduce the consistency of oil colors, increase gloss and transparency and reduce brush marks.

Refined Linseed Oil is an alkali-refined, pale oil that reduces oil color consistency, increases gloss and transparency and slows drying rate.

Thickened Linseed Oil is a pale, refined oil of syrupy consistency that increases flow of colors and speeds drying.

Linseed Stand Oil slows drying but imparts a tough, elastic finish. When mixed with turpentine it improves the flow of oil color.

Drying Linseed Oil is darker than Refined Linseed Oil and promotes the fastest drying time. Improves flow, and increases gloss and transparency.

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