Jacopo Tintoretto

Jacopo Tintoretto

(1518 - 1594)
Born: Venice, Italy
Style: Mannerism
Famous Works:
  • Christ Before Pilate (1566-67)
  • Paradise (c. 1588)
  • The Last Supper (1592-94)
Some art historians consider Tintoretto to be the figurehead of Italian Mannerism, while others think of his work as within the tenets of the Italian High Renaissance. As a young artist he worked in the studio of Venetian Renaissance painter Titian, but was also inspired by the work of Michelangelo and the Byzantine masterpieces of his native Venice. His work is a synthesis of the drawing virtuosity of Michelangelo and Titian's lush color. He is considered to have made paintings in the Mannerist style, with his emphasis on technical prowess and the complexity of his figures. His paintings are filled with excitement and succeed at capturing and sustaining the attention of viewers. Tintoretto achieved this affect using unconventional methods of perspective and dimension. Another trademark of Tintoretto was his ability to mesh light and dark colors rapidly with his paintbrush, giving his paintings an air of cast, spiritual light. The speed and energy with which Tintoretto worked, earned him the nickname Il Furioso. He received numerous commissions for Venetian religious fraternities and churches, seemingly leaving examples of his talent in every corner of the town. Some have said that despite being active during the heyday Mannerist, Tintoretto created work with the drama and intensity of the impending Baroque movement.
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