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A bright yellow or golden alloy of copper and zinc, in the proportion of about two parts of copper to one part zinc. The zinc makes brass stronger and harder than copper is alone. It is malleable and ductile, though variations in its composition make its properties variable. Also, incised plaques or tablets made of brass, many of which were made as memorials to the dead during the Middle Ages and Renaissance in Europe. Many of these have become so popular among people desiring to make rubbings of them that casts of the originals have been made to use this way in order to preserve the originals.

narrative painting

A painting or sculpture whose composition, colors, and subject are selected to tell a story.

Example: Trajan's Column, Rome, Italy, 113

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non figurative

An aspect of modern art in which pieces of art contain no recognizable figures or objects, as opposed to figurative art.

Example: Sam Francis' Around the Blues, 1957/1962

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A very pale blue that is invisible to a camera or photo­copier. A non-photo pen or pencil may be used to make notes on an original: paper may be printed with a non-photo blue grid to allow for easy line-up. In either case, as copiers become more sensitive, you should advise your customer to test these products first.

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