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A hard, brittle, bluish-white metal used chiefly in stainless steel and for electroplating other metals. Although chromium is an element, chrome can be either pure chromium or an alloy of it. Chromium's elemental symbol is Cr; atomic number 24; atomic weight 51.996; melting point 1,890°C; specific gravity 7.18; valence 2, 3, 6.

narrative painting

A painting or sculpture whose composition, colors, and subject are selected to tell a story.

Example: Trajan's Column, Rome, Italy, 113

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non figurative

An aspect of modern art in which pieces of art contain no recognizable figures or objects, as opposed to figurative art.

Example: Sam Francis' Around the Blues, 1957/1962

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A very pale blue that is invisible to a camera or photo­copier. A non-photo pen or pencil may be used to make notes on an original: paper may be printed with a non-photo blue grid to allow for easy line-up. In either case, as copiers become more sensitive, you should advise your customer to test these products first.

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