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A thin varnish, natural or synthetic, that is sprayed over charcoal, pastel and other drawings to protect them from smearing, rubbing, or falling off the paper. All or some will alter the original colors slightly. Common hairsprays work well as student-grade fixatives.

narrative painting

A painting or sculpture whose composition, colors, and subject are selected to tell a story.

Example: Trajan's Column, Rome, Italy, 113

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non figurative

An aspect of modern art in which pieces of art contain no recognizable figures or objects, as opposed to figurative art.

Example: Sam Francis' Around the Blues, 1957/1962

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A very pale blue that is invisible to a camera or photo­copier. A non-photo pen or pencil may be used to make notes on an original: paper may be printed with a non-photo blue grid to allow for easy line-up. In either case, as copiers become more sensitive, you should advise your customer to test these products first.

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Latest Product Reviews
I LOVE using canvas, so I am very excited about a surface I can really play with! I did some initial tests and it's very interesting the way watercolors are released with a damp brush on this surface. I feel there's more to discover with these!
- Michael D. in Atlanta, GA
Great product when Balsa wood is a little too thin. Bought this to make decor for our RV. Light enough to hang on the walls with Contact strips. Had a damage piece come in. Very good costumer service. They replaced very quickly. Order came in very quickly too.
- Janice Guidry in Raceland, LA
These are my favorite canvas boards. I’ve used them with layers of papers, inks, acrylic paint, liquid watercolors, water soluble oil pastels, paint pens, pencil and oil paintsticks. I love that they don’t warp and my colors pop. The surface is perfect for mixed media.
- Juliette Crane in Madison, Wisconsin
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