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wet-and-dry paper

Paper with a coating of silicon carbide, used as an abrasive; a type of sandpaper. Its common name derives from the fact that it can be used wet or dry, as suitable with the materials abraded and the surface finish required.


Abbreviation for quart.

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Lime, burnt lime, caustic lime. Made by burning calcium carbonate.

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In drawing and calligraphy, a pen made from a goose's feather.

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The Prismacolor artgum is a very good eraser to erase pencil on Mylar. I really think it the best eraser for that purpose and I highly recommend it. And as always a prompt delivery and very good price. Thanks MisterArt
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I love this paint, the colors are vibrant and perfect for my projects, and the water color effect is perfect
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These are my favorite canvas boards. I’ve used them with layers of papers, inks, acrylic paint, liquid watercolors, water soluble oil pastels, paint pens, pencil and oil paintsticks. I love that they don’t warp and my colors pop. The surface is perfect for mixed media.
- Juliette Crane in Madison, Wisconsin
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