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A layer of material covering something else, which might also be termed a coating. Or, to cover with a layer, as of ink, paint, or silicone rubber. Something described as coating well is thoroughly opaque with the application of one layer.


Japanese narrative paintings from the 10th century, when the Tale of Genji

Example: Marasaki Shikibu (Illustrated Scroll of Lady Marasaki's Diary), 13th century.

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A unit of distance measurement equal to three feet, or 36 inches. To convert yards into centimeters, multiply them by 91.44; into meters, x 0.9144. Abbreviated yd.

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Abbreviation for yard.

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In painting, a tendency on the part of binding media to turn a tint towards yellow. This is most likely to occur when linseed oil is included.

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Latest Product Reviews
Love the color. Great for any art project. It works really well with gel plates.
- Sharon G in JA
This was my first time ordering this paper, and first time ordering from this company. I was pleasantly surprised, packaging was great, no bends or wrinkles in the paper. It does take a bit to get used to. Slight learning curve. I love the way my painting turned out. I will absolutely buy and use this product again.
- SherryBerry in wisconsin
Much richer and more pigmented than Ranger/Tim Holtz. This allows me great flexibility if I want to go heavy on iso alcohol for wispy effects, or super saturated. It's thicker and some colors don't spread as easily as other brands without iso or extender (benefit or drawback depending on the effect you want). So if you're used to other alcohol inks go more sparingly at first, and try diluting the inks with iso before, rather than straight from the bottle.... Piñata Blanco (white) is essential for resin art, and currently there's no substitute. The metallics act quite differently from any other brands, breaking up more easily. Piñata has fewer colors than other brands, but they mix very well. Don't get me wrong, I love me some Holtz alcohol inks; they're best used together.
- Lady Ray in USA
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