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cardboard relief

A collage made up of pieces of cardboard. Cardboard reliefs can be used in relief block printing.


Japanese narrative paintings from the 10th century, when the Tale of Genji

Example: Marasaki Shikibu (Illustrated Scroll of Lady Marasaki's Diary), 13th century.

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A unit of distance measurement equal to three feet, or 36 inches. To convert yards into centimeters, multiply them by 91.44; into meters, x 0.9144. Abbreviated yd.

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Abbreviation for yard.

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In painting, a tendency on the part of binding media to turn a tint towards yellow. This is most likely to occur when linseed oil is included.

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This product is perfect for my project. I used it to back cathedral windows in a diorama and it gave a realistic stained glass effect. Very happy with my purchase.
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I've already gone through a gallon with my cold wax painting and now I have another. I prefer the Dorland brand since it works just as well as the other and is less expensive. I love the consistency of cold wax with oil paint mixed in and using a bowl scraper to paint is a wonder. I also use a brush on some, but the effects you can get with cold wax and the scraper are amazing and so much fun!
- Jean F. in Mulberry, FL
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